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Couldn’t even imagine playing lotteries for cryptocurrencies. It’s great and important to me. I like playing games, but I don't like paying with my embossed bank card. I win decent money from time to time, and Magic Lotto is so far the best I've found on the net! So indeed, Lotto is the number 1 in cryptocurrency and blockchain.
Matheus Friedrich
It's hard to believe, but I somehow guessed 5 numbers in 6/49. My win was all of a sudden. I'm shocked! Thanks Magic Lotto — it's fun to play, but it's even more fun to win!
Alex Chaplinski
I could not believe my eyes!!!!...when I saw the AMOUNT in my account after another draw! OMG, I bought 100+ tickets and even fell into despair at some point.... I wanted to win so bad. It’s true that luck loves you if you’re patient and persistent. It’s a crazy win, hundred times more than I expected and spent! It’s the best day of my life!
Maria Suola
Great! It’s the first generous cryptocurrency lottery enabling you to build your team and grow not just as a player, but also as a leader. I've been waiting for a whiff of fresh air in the gaming industry so long. Magic Lotto is clearly what we all need today: both the market and the cryptocurrency niche!
Kevin Smithsono
I am a stubborn and picky player who loves to win and hates to lose. I am sure they have huge wins for me at Magic Lotto. Maybe I'll even be able to compete for the jackpot. Yipes! I think I’ll bet on Jokerball and Lotto 6/49. I'm sure to get lucky :)) Good luck everyone!
Andreo Coplano
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