You are playing Lotto Jokerball
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Draw 1509693 • 15 Jun
27 857 140 QDT
55 714,28 $
Price per ticket
80 QDT
~ 0.16 $

About the lottery

Until the draw
Jackpot 27 857 140 QDT
Easy to win up to 100 000 QDT
Lotto Jokerball
Jackpot, QDT
27 857 140
Tickets played
Draws played
Total winnings, QDT

How to play?

Select 6 numbers, one letter, and press 'Add'. You can add up to 100 tickets.
Pay for tickets in any convenient way (from balance or via Qchain node)
Wait for your draw to take place and check the results!
* - All calculations in Magiclotto are in cryptocurrency

Any ticket can win!

Go to the ticket selection page and start the game!

Buy a ticket

How to pay for tickets?

1. From balance

First, replenish your account balance using USDT (ERC-20), USDT (TRC-20), QSTN, or QDT. When purchasing tickets, specify 'from Magiclotto balance' as the payment method. Funds will be automatically debited through a smart contract, and the tickets will be added to the My Tickets section. If there are insufficient funds on the balance, you will receive a corresponding message, and the tickets will not be purchased.

2. From Qchain node

• Go to the Qchain website and download the node. • Go to the applications list and open QPayments • If you have applied for ticket purchase, you will see smart contract invoices • Pay them by clicking the 'PAY' button • The payment will occur automatically, you just need to check the payment status in the My Tickets section

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